Portuguese innovation on US toll system
The Southern Connector has signed a 5 year contract with BIT Mobility Solutions (BMS), a subsidiary of the Brisa Innovation with total value (...)
Brisa and Pathena sign an investment partnership agreement
Brisa and Pathena signed a partnership agreement in the provision of technology and services related to mobility. This agreement, which is mate(...)
Automating Manual Tolls
Operation optimization has for long been a trend in order in Brisa. In 2007, following some field trials on controlled environments,(...)
Toll Evasion Decreasing
A new solution was necessary to guarantee toll collection whenever a normal ETC transaction was not possible. Toll evasion is not only a di(...)
LPR for Car Inspections
In Portugal, during 2012, the state determined that all car inspection centers should be equipped with integrated license plate recognition (...)